How can I receive a sample of your product?

             Just email, phone or fax us with your name address, city, state, zip and phone number and we              will send you an informational package including an actual sample ribbon. Be sure to let us know              what type of event the ribbons are for so we can send you a sample ribbon of that type.


  How many words can I have on my ribbon?

             We suggest keeping it simple, normally 6 to 8 words plus a logo,

             however, this varies by type size and style.


  Can I use a logo in my copy?

             Yes, if you can supply a black & white clean line drawing copy of

your logo we can probably use it.  We cannot accept a faxed copy for

final use.


  What ribbon colors are available?

             See Color Information page.


√  What print colors are available?

              See Color Information page.


  How long does it take to produce my ribbon order?

             From the time you approve the proof copy it takes approximately one

             week, however, we appreciate as much lead time as possible.


  Do I see a copy proof of my ribbon?

             Yes, you submit your requirements and we will mail you a paper proof.


  How do I pay for  my Order?

We will enclose an invoice with your order, you send your check or money order.  In the case of very large orders we may require a deposit.


  Is there a cost for typesetting and engraving?

             No, our price includes these charges.  You pay shipping.


  How will my order be shipped?

             In most cases we will ship your order by UPS ground for tracking

purposes.  We will ship by U.S. Priority Mail if you prefer.


  Can I obtain additional ribbons at the last minute if needed?

             Yes, time permitting we will accommodate you.  Price will be

             quoted based on quantity.

Class, Military, Family & Church Celebrations

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